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Need some help setting up your Q Active? Watch our set-up video and download our setup guide.



The first products released in the Q Active family are the Q Active 200 Standmount speakers in their Google configuration and both Black and White finishes along with the new Tensegrity-inspired floorstand, the Q FS75. The next launch in early 2021 will be the Q Active 400 Floorstanders, followed by Alexa versions of both. Anyone wanting to change between Google and Alexa in the future can do this simply by replacing the Hub.


The main purpose of the app is to configure the Alexa version of Q Active to join WIFI and login to an Alexa account, as well as applying some custom settings such as disabling a source, making the front LED’s switch off after 20s, enable / disable notification sounds. So there is no requirement to use the app setting up Q Active Google and we expect it to be launched at the same time as the Alexa versions of the Q Active.


Q Active is in the final stages of approval for Roon Ready. All Q Active systems will update automatically once approvals are received early in 2021.


Answer to popular questions

My remote control appears not to be working, but the 'Remote' LED on the hub is off. Here’s a procedure to reset the remote, and re-pair it. This is based on the batteries having some charge in them!

To re-pair the remote:

Step 1. – Press ‘NET’ and the ‘LINK’ button together and hold for 6s – this will clear the pairing memory of the remote (the link button looks like two rectangles linked together), when successful, the 'Remote' LED on the hub will begin to flash, move to step 3. If not, move to step 2.
Step 2. – Press and hold the ‘REMOTE’ button on the hub, it should start flashing
Step 3. – Press and hold the ‘LINK’ button on the remote until the LED on the hub is ON
Why can I not hear my TV sound when connected to the Hub via HDMI? Firstly, check and ensure if using HDMI that you have the cable plugged into the HDMI socket on the TV marked ARC (audio return channel). All Q Active products are two channel stereo units and therefore cannot decode 5.1 multi-channel surround information that is broadcast from time to time on mainstream HD channels. NetFlix and other apps also output 5.1 multi-channel audio content as standard which cannot be decoded. You will need to ensure the TV's digital audio settings are set to two channel stereo/PCM output (for assistance on how to do this, please refer to your TV's user manual).
Can I play higher resolution audio files such as 32Bit 192kHz? Yes, although the wireless link between the Q Active Hub and the Q Active 200/400 loudspeaker is 24Bit 96kHz, the Q Active Hub can downsample higher resolution content for playback.
Can the Q200 bookshelf loudspeakers be used without stands? Yes, the Q200 can be placed on a shelf or flat surface, however, you should ensure the front of the loudspeaker is level or forward for the surface it is sat on. In some positions where the rear wall is less than 200mm it may be necessary to use the foam port bungs provided to reduce any bass boom.
Can I use Q Active with Roon music library software? Yes, Q Active is 'Roon Ready' and is fully supported as part of the Roon ecosystem, find more about Roon here https://kb.roonlabs.com/What_is_Roon%3F

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